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Barclay Academy

Barclay Academy

Art and Design

Head of Department: Miss E. Davies

At Barclay Academy, we place high premium on the teaching of the creative arts. The creation of visual art is a key part of what makes us human, and can be found across all world cultures throughout human history. The study of art is therefore essential to developing our students’ cultural literacy, their appreciation of different cultures, and their understanding of the different forces which have shaped our world today. The opportunity for students to create their own works of art is equally important, giving them a chance to channel their ideas through a variety of media, and to express themselves in a positive outlet. Most importantly, we want our students to develop an appreciation of visual art and culture that will last them a lifetime.


At Barclay Academy, all students in Key Stage 3 study art. In Years 7, 8 and 9, art lessons have been designed to develop our students’ fundamental artistic knowledge and skills, skills which will provide the foundations for their future understanding and appreciation of art. Students learn about different ways of drawing and observing through positive and negative space, contours, line and mark making. A variety of traditional artistic mediums and techniques are investigated, and artistic theories are contextualised within art history projects.


At Barclay Academy, we follow the AQA specification in Art and Design, a challenging but rewarding course in which students have the chance to develop their individual creative abilities. The GCSE coursework explores themes within natural forms and landscapes. Students build a creative portfolio that incorporates many different aspects of art and design: textures, drawing, printmaking, bookmaking, and painting techniques. In so doing, they are encouraged to experiment with materials and outcomes. Furthermore, students are also required to develop their skills of independence and resilience, using their portfolios to become self-critical and selfreflective as well as to document and evidence their artistic processes and engagement within the topics.


An A-level in art is an exciting and challenging course which develops students’ historical and cultural appreciation of art, refines their artistic processes and skills, and prepares them for their journey into the creative industry. At Barclay, we follow the AQA specification in Art and Design. Progressing from their studies of the different artistic mediums and disciplines at GCSE, students start to identify the key strengths and interests that they want to develop. Art history and theory is taught at a higher level so students can explore connections within their own projects. Students begin the course with a carousel of workshops that explore areas of art such as stitch, architecture, typography/graphics, portraiture and printmaking, which helps to inform them when identifying their strengths and choosing their personal individual theme and project.iting content