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Barclay Academy

Barclay Academy


Head of Department: Mrs Anjum

At Barclay Academy we aim to nurture Mathematical ability and foster an enjoyment of learning Mathematics.

In the Maths Department we use practical and pictorial models to build foundational understanding, working towards more abstract concepts. At Barclay Academy we recognise the importance of strengthening students’ written and verbal explanation abilities, alongside their numeracy to encourage students to think abstractly and critically about Mathematics. We strongly believe in the central role of Mathematics as a core curriculum subject and as a life skill. 


In KS3 we use the Mastery approach as it aligns with our values and aims. This method builds well-rounded learners with in-depth understanding by exposing students to a range of problems presented in a variety of formats. Furthermore, we use this method to develop students’ ability to think abstractly and critically in familiar and unfamiliar situations, encouraging them to utilise these skills to make links within the curriculum and beyond.   Homework is set weekly by class teachers on Mathswatch and is used as a tool to support and build upon in-class learning. This online platform allows students to receive instant feedback once assignments are completed while simultaneously enabling class teachers to review answers and so identify areas of strengths and weakness within their classes.


At Barclay Academy all students study Mathematics at GCSE following the Edexcel specification, at either Higher or Foundation level. The Key Stage 4 Scheme of Learning is adapted from the Pearson Edexcel exemplars.  The course is composed of six key elements: Number, Algebra, Ratio & Proportion, Geometry & Measures, and Probability and Statistics.

In KS4 we recognise the importance of achieving the highest GCSE grade possible.  We work to do this by building, embedding, and consolidating knowledge from KS3 while also emphasising the importance of Mathematics outside the curriculum. During Years 10 and 11 we build on the pictorial representations introduced at Key Stage 3 to further students’ understanding of abstract notations and methods. Additionally, we embolden students to draw on a store of memorable abstract images to develop their strategic and problem-solving abilities in a variety of situations.

Students are empowered to become confident Mathematicians, equipped with Mathematical understanding that can be applied both in Maths and Science, as well as in their daily lives.


In the Sixth Form, we offer A-Levels in both Mathematics and Further Mathematics. The courses focus on Pure Mathematics and its applications, as well as Applied Mathematics, such as the fields of Statistics, Mechanics and Decision Mathematics.


We use prior knowledge from KS4 higher tier as a foundation upon which to build understanding.  Our department follows an adapted version of the Pearson scheme of learning. We are fortunate to be able to provide our KS5 students with a bespoke set of homework booklets which consolidate learning. These booklets are custom produced by the department and support the A-Level course as taught at Barclay Academy. Comprised of previous exam material, selected and collated by our specialist teachers they are marked internally and are used to give individual, personalised, feedback to students. Furthermore, they enable us to identify misconceptions and areas for improvement and to facilitate enhanced learning and sustained progress.

Through the study of Mathematics students develop high levels of resilience and persistence, as well as the ability to pose questions and challenge ideas.