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Barclay Academy

Barclay Academy

Learn Like a Champion

Our fantastic staff put a lot of effort into preparing lessons and planning to 'Teach like a Champion'.  As such,  our students experience high quality teaching at Barclay and Learn like a Champion is designed to train pupils to respond effectively to our teaching to promote learning and progress. Teacherspractise different teaching techniques to ensure our pupils get the highest quality lessons every day of the academic year. We  believe it is important that all of our pupils understand these techniques so they can fully support their teachers and take an active part in their learning.

Learn like a Champion is delivered as a weekly form time activity and puts the emphasis on the pupils and their vital role within the learning process. It involves sharing with pupils the teaching strategies we use and explaining why we use them in the classroom. Teachers train our pupils in how they respond to these strategies to promote effective learning.

Learn like a Champion is designed to use the language of ‘we’ which indicates that both pupils and teachers are behind great learning. It is a two-way street, together we achieve. This allows our pupils to understand why we teach in a certain way and then practice responding to these strategies to improve their learning.

Learn like a Champion creates active, effective learners who are enthusiastic and curious about their learning.