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Barclay Academy

Barclay Academy

Student Leadership

Student Council

The Student Council represents the views of students from across the school.  It is led by the year 11 representatives and there are members from every year group who are elected on an annual basis.

The Student Council meets every two weeks and students discuss a wide variety of subjects suggested by both staff and the students themselves. The School Council plays an important role in the recruitment of new staff as they  to ask in-depth questions about elements of the role that they find important.

Student voice is greatly valued at Barclay Academy and the Student Council makes a valuable contribution to many aspects of school life.  The students are trusted to co-ordinate other leadership roles in the school such as Learning to Lead teams.  The Student Council is given an annual budget that can be used to make a difference to aspects of their day to day experience of school life, and the role of Student Council representative enables students to develop valuable communication skills as they work with different members of our school community.

The Student Council members take great pride in their school and in their ability to play a significant role in its life and development.