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Barclay Academy

Barclay Academy

Home Learning

We believe that home learning is an important part of students’ education, extending and reinforcing work done in school.

Home learning is any work or activity which students are required to do outside of lesson time and tasks can include reading, revising, researching, planning, designing and sketching in addition to written work.

We believe that home learning is important because it helps students:

  • Learn how to plan and organise their work
  • Learn how to work on their own
  • Learn how to use time effectively and meet deadlines
  • Practise what has been introduced in class, or undertake background work that will help enhance understanding
  • Use resources other than those available in school
  • Involve people outside school in their work.

We believe that parental support and encouragement in ensuring that home learning tasks are done conscientiously and without distraction is crucial to our students’ learning. Students are encouraged to seek advice from their teacher if they are having difficulty with their home learning, or are finding that it is taking a much longer time than expected.


For recording students' home learning tasks, Barclay Academy uses My Chat At School (MCAS), an online homework information platform.  All students and parents have individual user accounts which enables them to see what tasks have been set and can be easily accessed at home on all electronic devices.