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Barclay Academy

Barclay Academy

School Day

School opens at 8am for all students with students expected to be on site no later than 8.25am.

Breakfast Club

8.00am - 8.25am

Period 1

8.30am - 9.20am

Period 2

9.20am - 10.10am

Y7/Y8 Break Time
Y9/Y10/Y11/6th Form Tutor Time

10.10am - 10.35am

Y7/Y8 Tutor Time
Y9/Y10/Y11/6th Form Break Time

10.35am - 11.00am

Period 3

11.00am - 11.50am

Period 4

11.50am - 12.40pm

Lunch Time

12.40pm - 1.25pm

Period 5

1.25pm - 2.15pm

Period 6

2.15pm - 3.05pm

Co - Curricular Clubs

3.05pm - 4.05pm