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Libertas per cultum

Academic Life

Curriculum Principles

Our Curriculum

Knowledge sits at the heart of our curriculum; we make no apologies for this. Whilst we, like all schools, want our students to leave our care with a strong set of academic qualifications, it is equally important to us that our pupils are culturally literate. To this end, our curriculum is designed to ensure that our students have access to a body of knowledge that they might otherwise be denied.

We advocate a broadly traditional curriculum in terms of the subjects offered in our schools. We believe in the specificity of individual subjects and the importance of teaching to rigorous standards for each. Consequently, our curriculum is designed to be challenging and aspirational and, as such, it is the truest reflection of the high aspirations we hold for our students and the most powerful tool we have available in our efforts to help them achieve those aspirations.

KS3 & KS4 Curriculum

Here at Barclay Academy, we pride ourselves in offering a high-quality knowledge-based curriculum, with the aim of giving our students access to the best that has been thought and said, and preparing them both academic and professional success. We offer a broad range of subjects, all taught to the highest possible standard by a passionate team of subject-specialists.

At Barclay, we have access to the Milk Student Planner System. Milk is an app based system that you will use to help and guide you whilst at school and at home to help you learn independently.

Students use MILK for the following elements of their learning:

  • Home learning
  • Timetable
  • Personal organisation
  • Accessing student notices

Parents/carers will also have a login so they can support students in becoming independent learners.