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Academy Meals

At Barclay Academy, we believe that a nutritious diet and regular exercise can be the fuel for our students’ success, giving them the energy to face the challenges of the day.

To this end, we guide our students to make healthy life choices. We have a bike-shed, and encourage students to choose active and environmentally-conscious methods of transportation. In the school restaurant, delicious, healthy, and balanced meals are freshly-prepared at lunchtimes. Lunchtimes are also an opportunity to socialise with friends and peers over a fresh, tasty meal. The restaurant menu changes weekly but always offers a fantastic choice of hot meals, soups, salads, and sandwiches, with our two-week menu system providing variety of choice which you can download below.

We do strongly recommend, therefore, that our students eat in our restaurant. If your child is bringing in packed lunches, we ask that these include healthy and balanced choices, and that they do not include fizzy drinks, confectionery, or crisps. A good guideline for a healthy packed lunch is a sandwich, piece of fruit, dairy product and small snack.

Meals for students are provided in the Academy restaurant which operates a biometric (fingerprint) cashless system for paying for food. Each student has an account which can be credited by paying funds into one of the cash machines at the Academy, or online via using a credit or debit card. Instead of paying cash at the till, the student accesses their account by placing their finger on a reader which brings up their photo and account balance on the cashier’s screen. This system speeds up the food service and reduces the risk of loss or theft of cash, and bullying associated with cash. It also allows parents greater control to ensure the student spends their money on school lunches. Students eligible for free school meals will automatically receive a balance of £2.20 each day to spend in the restaurant. They will also, of course, be able to top up their cards in the same way.

Click here for more information about our catering suppliers, Hertfordshire Catering Ltd.

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