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Business Studies

Head of Department: Mr L. Gillion

Business studies is a subject that has great significance and relevance in each and every day of our lives. From personal finance to political agendas, from taxation to macroeconomics and the capitalist society in which we live, business is relevant to all. In business studies, we look at how and why businesses do the things they do, and the factors which motivate them, as well as analysing the structure of different businesses and how businesses both contribute to, and negatively impact upon, our environment.


At Key Stage 4, Barclay students follow the Edexcel GCSE Business 9-1 specification, a comprehensive course which consists of two themes:

  • Investigating Small Business (Year 10)
  • Building a Business (Year 11)

Year 10 students look at case studies and identify the skills which entrepreneurs need to increase their chances of success. Topics such as branding, market research and stakeholder analysis are studied to identify the shared traits of successful businesses. Moreover, students explore the operational areas of a business, including finance, profit and loss, revenue and cost, and break even and profitability. Altogether, students gain a holistic perspective of how a business might be ran to increase profit, to boost chances of survival, and to promote financial success. By the end of the year, students will have also considered wider themes of macroeconomics, alongside real-world areas such as taxation, inflation, the economic cycle and unemployment.

In Year 11, students move onto larger businesses, exploring how businesses grow and become market leaders. They will explore crucial and critical concepts such as marketing, human resource management, operations management, accounting and finance and business ethics, with a practical view to giving them the skills to become successful entrepreneurs later on in life.


At A-Level, our students follow on from their GCSE studies and pursue the exciting and challenging Edexcel A-Level course, which provides them with continuity, course coherence and the chance to build upon cumulative knowledge. The qualification consists of four themes studied over two years: marketing and people; managing business activities; business decisions and strategy; and global business. Students will explore wider themes of globalisation, finance, HR, decision-making, strategy, and the global market.