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Careers Programme

Careers Education Information and Guidance Programme (CEIAG)

Careers Education, Information and Guidance is an important part of preparing young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. A planned programme of activities supports students in choosing pathways at key transition points that suit their interests and abilities, altogether helping them to discover their future career path and find sustainable employment.

As part of our Education Enrichment Programme (CEIAG), we provide students with information about higher education. Our programme includes arranging visits to universities and higher education fairs. Such events allow students to attend lectures and seminars, to meet staff and other students, and to tour the university campus and halls of residence. Trips in the past have included visits to leading universities such as the University of Cambridge, and to the UCAS exhibition in Bedfordshire.

Students, parents and guardians are all kept informed about the requirements of the University and Colleges Admissions service (UCAS) and we provide information and support about aspects of university life such as accommodation and student finance. We also provide guidance on alternative post-18 routes such as the Degree Apprenticeship programme. Information on post-16 options such as sixth form colleges and other apprenticeships is also given. Advice is always tailored to each individual student’s needs and aspirations.

Our programme empowers young people to plan and manage their own futures. We acknowledge that accessibility of information is a key factor in career choice and pathway decisions. Therefore, our programme aims to raise aspirations, challenge stereotypes and actively promote equality, diversity and social mobility. 

Careers guidance at Barclay Academy is impartial and promotes the best interests of the student to whom it is given. Careers guidance includes information on the range of education or training options, including apprenticeships and technical education routes and enables students to make realistic and informed decisions about their futures.

At Barclay Academy, a Personal Adviser is in school on one or two days per week and is available to all students for one-to-one guidance. Every student in year 11 is offered an individual meeting with the Personal Adviser, and meetings are arranged for other targeted students throughout the year.

We actively seek collaboration with, and promote opportunities for, engagement with partners who can support our programme and enable students to move onto positive, appropriate and sustained destinations.

A school careers fair is held every year with the support of a wide variety of employers and education providers. An interview day is also held annually for Years 11 and 13. This is an opportunity for these students to experience an interview situation and receive constructive feedback from employers.

There is a stable programme of Careers Education which is delivered in tutor times, in assemblies, on specific Enrichment Days, and during other occasional events in the school year.

Year 7

In Year 7, the focus is on adapting to a new community, discovering Barclay’s Careers Programme, and learning about the wide range of employment opportunities available for their futures. Students will start to visit universities, make use of the online service Barclay Life Skills to gain an appreciation of employability skills, take part in STEM events to give them an insight into the technological and scientific industries, as well as having fun developing their leadership skills through Dragon Boat Races and a Sports Leadership programme.

Year 8

In Year 8, our focus is on developing independence skills. Students will take part in a work-shadowing day to experience first-hand the world of work. They will also further gain an insight into STEM industries via such opportunities as MBDA, the Big Bang Science Fair, and the Faraday Challenge. They will continue using Barclay Life Skills, will have the opportunity to persevere with being a Sports Leader, and will be provided with information relating to careers and education in assemblies.

Year 9

In Year 9, our focus is on self-assessment, exploring different career pathways, and considering students’ options for Key Stage 4. We host an options assembly, and an information evening to help our pupils make these crucial decisions. Students will take part in a Pathfinder Day at the University of Hertfordshire, attend the Careers Fair, and use career-planning software to receive individualised recommendations for their careers. At Barclay, we are keen to promote careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).To raise awareness and promote a wider range of options, and therefore, students will also take part in STEM activities. The Sports Leadership opportunities are also still open to Year 9 students to help them further develop their leadership and teamwork skills.

Year 10

In Year 10, we focus on developing employability skills. Students take part in a week’s worth of work experience, supported with preparation beforehand and reflection afterwards to help them develop further appreciation about employment and their future careers. They will attend the Careers Fair and make use of career-planning software to hone down their individual goals, skills, and aptitude, and record their own progress. They will use Barclay Life Skill’s to help them track and develop their employability skills. In addition to this, employability sessions are held, which help to develop students’ understanding of employer expectations, interview skills, and best practice in writing effective CVs.

Year 11

In Year 11, the focus shifts to post-16 options and applications. Students will consider the pathways open to them, such as Sixth Form, Further Education Colleges, and Apprenticeships, and armed with this information, we will help them to begin to make their choices. Information about post-16 choices will be accessible to all students at information sessions, with the chance to visit universities, FE colleges, or future apprenticeship employers. They will continue to have access to Careers Fairs, career-planning software, and will receive individual guidance from a Personal Careers Advisor. Students will consolidate the skills they have learnt on the Barclay Skills course at its Drop-Down Day, and will have a chance to practise these skills on our Mock Interview day.

Sixth Form

Our focus in the Sixth Form is to develop our students’ ability to access Further Education, Higher Education or Employment, as per their personal requirements. Even before they start at our Sixth Form in September, Year 11 students will have the chance to attend a Sixth Form induction day. When they formally start in Year 12, there is a wealth and breadth of careers options open to them.  Students can further explore and refine their post-education options at the school’s Careers Fair and through continued use of career planning software to explore careers paths and record their own progress. They also receive personal guidance and support via meetings with the Careers Coordinator and access to guidance with a qualified Hertfordshire YC Personal Advisor.

We hold a Work Experience week, during which students are encouraged and supported to research and organise their own placement opportunities and to thus further experience first-hand the realities of the working world. They will also have a chance to practise key employability skills through our CV-writing workshops and mock careers day. For those considering university, we provide UCAS preparation, and support students with their applications for universities or for other opportunities such as the Nuffield Foundation placements, which give young people the opportunity to work and gain experience alongside professional scientists and STEM specialists. Interested students can attend careers and further education summer schools, visit university open days and the UCAS University Convention, where they can ask important questions, explore their options, and make contacts. We also host talks from universities, student finance, and representatives from other pathways, such as apprenticeships. In the past, we have had links with high quality universities, courses and options, including Oxford and Cambridge, Medicine, Law, Engineering, the Sutton Trust, STEM, and the Nuffield Research Placements.

Our Careers coordinator is Belinda Jenner. To contact her, please use the e-mail below.


The Senior Leadership Team member responsible for Careers at Barclay Academy is Kelly Broderick.

Information on how we measure the outcomes of our careers programme can be found here.