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Entry Points - Year 7 In Year Admissions

Parents or guardians who would like to apply for a place at Barclay Academy at any time other than primary to secondary transfer will need to apply using the Synergy Parent Portal. You can find a link to the portal by selecting the link.

In addition to your application via the Synergy Parent Portal, we also need your current school to complete a form by selecting the following link. The school will then return the form to Hertfordshire County Council.

Once an application has been received by Hertfordshire County Council, it will be forwarded to Barclay Academy for a decision as to whether a place can be offered. If we are unable to offer a place, the child’s name will be placed on a waiting list in accordance with the published admissions criteria. You'll have the right to appeal an in-year admissions decision if you apply for a school and a place can't be offered because the school has no vacancies when you apply. You can find out how to appeal by using the link.