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How to Apply

Entry Points – Year 7

Online applications for a Year 7 place in September 2020 will be managed through the Hertfordshire Country Council coordinated admissions system. The online application will be available on the Hertfordshire County Council’s website from Monday 2nd September 2019.  Details can be found on the Hertfordshire County Council’s website. Please find the link to this website below:

Any parents who wish to apply on paper should call the County Council’s School Admissions Team and request a paper form. These forms will be available from Monday 2nd September 2019 and must be received by the Councils School Admissions office at the closing date for applications, Thursday 31st October 2019. The Hertfordshire County Council’s School Admissions office can be contacted on 0300 123 4043 (8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9pm to 4pm on Saturday).


Thursday 31st October 2019, 5:00pm – deadline for completed paper application forms to be received by the School Admission Team at Hertfordshire County Council.

Thursday 31st October 2019, 11:59pm – Deadline for completed online applications to be submitted to the School Admission Team at

Monday 2nd March 2020: National Offer Day – Online applications will be notified by email on the evening of Monday 2nd March 2020. Postal applicants will be notified of the outcome by first-class mail. The notification will be sent on Monday 2nd March 2019.

Monday 16th March 2020: Accepting the Offer – Last date for accepting the place. Online applicants must accept the place online. Paper applicants should return their response form to the Admissions team.


If it has not been possible to offer your child a place at Barclay Academy, you have the right, by law, to appeal. Please be aware that although the law allows you to have the opportunity to appeal against admission decisions, it does not give your child the automatic right to a place at a particular school. There is no guarantee that your appeal will be successful and each case will be decided on its own merits by the independently appointed panel.

Appeals for Barclay Academy are processed by Hertfordshire County Council, and further information about the process can be found on the Hertfordshire County Council’s website. Please find the link to this website here.