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How to Apply

Why Apply to the Sixth Form at Barclay Academy?

Thank you for showing an interest in the Sixth Form at Barclay Academy. Our vibrant Sixth Form ensures students achieve their potential and make informed choices about their future. We believe in developing students beyond the classroom, to fulfil their potential as a fully rounded person with an enrichment entitlement to leadership, volunteering and cultural opportunities. For students already at Barclay, attending our sixth-form provides the opportunity for you to continue your studies at your own school, with teachers they know and who know them well. Students joining from other schools are equally welcomed and we are pleased that the number of outstanding students is increasing year by year. 

At Barclay Academy Sixth Form, students experience two years of inspiring study and opportunity. As an academy we offer an exciting range of academic, vocational and extra-curricular opportunities within a unique environment that will suit all students.

We offer both the traditional two year A-Level route as well as a range of BTECs. Both routes are equally successful and provide the springboard for students to enter university or a higher-level apprenticeship. Beyond the classroom itself, we have a strong pastoral support network, and are dedicated to providing personalised and individual advice and guidance for our learners to ensure that are supported in making the right choices for further study.

Choosing the correct Sixth Form courses is potentially a daunting challenge. It milestone of great significance, determining as it may a student’s future career. The courses are far more intensive than GCSE and it is difficult, although not impossible, to change courses once started. Therefore, our team offer tailored advice and guidance to students before they make their choice. We also advise that both current Barclay students and prospective sixth-formers approach our expert subject teachers to discuss their options and raise any enquiries about their course choices.

What do I need to study at Barclay?

We are delighted that you hope to apply for a place to study with us. As a thriving academic centre, we welcome applications from students who meet our entry levels.  Some subjects have their own specific entry requirements so please check with the relevant heads of departments.  Further information on the subjects we offer in Sixth Form can be found in our Sixth Form Prospectus.  Once successful, your application is still subject to you attaining the required GCSE grades, and on the availability of places.

Late Applications: Applicants who fulfil the entry requirements but whose applications are received after the application deadline will be treated as a lower priority in the initial allocation of places than those applications received on time.

How do I apply?

It couldn’t be easier!  Here is a step-by-step guide to applying to Barclay Sixth Form.

  1. Application: Download and complete our application form (we can post a physical copy of the form on request).  Please be sure to check entry requirements for the courses we offer.
  2. Reference: If you are not currently a Barclay student we will contact your school for a reference.
  3. Confirmation and interview: We will send you confirmation that your application has been received and invite you to one of our Interview Days.  At your interview, we will discuss your application and subject choices.
  4. Induction:  We will write to you to invite you to attend our Induction to Sixth Form day in the summer term.  Here you will get a taste of Sixth Form life and an introduction to the subjects you have chosen.  You must attend this day if you wish to enrol in the Barclay Sixth Form.  Please note that your application to Barclay Sixth Form is subject to your GCSE results
  5. Enrolment: We will write to you with details about our Enrolment Days, which will take place after GCSE results. You will be given a date and time slot for your enrolment, please advise us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend or you will put your place at risk.
  6. Study: Term begins and your studies start.

To register your interest, please fill out the form below.