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Libertas per cultum


Head of Department: Mrs M. Elmes

Law affects and impacts upon every aspect of our daily life, from the mere action of buying a cup of coffee to the very function of democracy. The academic study of law is a fascinating insight into the fundamental structure of the legal system, including the law-making process, the roles of different legal professionals, and the way in which the British legal system works.


At Barclay Academy, A-Level law students follow the OCR specification. They will have the opportunity to explore key concepts such as the English legal system, the law-making process, criminal law, tort law and human rights. Students are encouraged to read widely around the subject and to keep up-to-date with current affairs, applying their theoretical knowledge to real-life cases and scenarios. They also get the invaluable opportunity to see the law in action through visiting legal institutions such as The Royal Courts of Justice and The Old Bailey.