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Pastoral Care

At Barclay Academy, we take pride in an environment that facilitates the highest standards of behaviour, attendance, participation and learning. We recognise that each student is an individual, and we endeavour to protect their welfare and provide the support they need to flourish and succeed. We are proud of our knowledge-rich curriculum, but we recognise that academic development is not the sole aim of school, and that without supportive networks and pastoral care systems in place, our students’ learning would be compromised. We therefore have the highest standards of behaviour, attendance and participation for our students, because having such standards create an environment in which students are ready and best able to learn.

Our Tutor Group system allows our students to meet together daily for half an hour in small tutor groups, comprised of a teacher and students from the same year group. Together, they are encouraged to support each other, working together and developing skills that will enhance their ability to achieve academically and socially. We believe that this system, offering our students one-on-one support from a tutor that knows them personally, is invaluable in helping our students feel settled and safe in the school community. 

At Barclay we offer excellent provision for students with Special Educational Needs, through the support of the Inclusion Department. This includes trained therapists and trained staff across the needs spectrum. We are proud to have some of the best and most innovative inclusion practices in the country. To view more information about our SEN policies and procedures, please click here.