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Libertas per cultum

Sixth Form

Introduction to the Sixth-Form

We welcome you warmly to our Sixth Form. Barclay Academy is a vibrant, diverse, successful and growing community, comprised of a team of highly-qualified and dedicated expert teachers and staff, and a welcoming and hard-working body of students. The supportive staff and friendly atmosphere, combined with our challenging expectations and high standards, makes our Sixth Form a recipe for success.

We offer a large range of academic and vocational qualifications. We are also part of the Stevenage Consortium of Schools, and therefore we have access to a wider range of subjects on offer. Our pupils are guided on a personalised study-programme which is based on their prior attainment and future university, apprenticeship or employment goals. We offer catch-up GCSE Maths and English for students who have not achieved a grade 4 in these subjects by the age of 16, thus opening up a wide-range of options to them.

In addition to our high-quality academic provision on offer, we also host a range of PSHE, P.E., and enrichment activities, with the aim of helping the student develop beyond the classroom. Students are also supported in accessing a range of university outreach programmes, work experience and volunteering opportunities, and insight into vocations or professions.

The quality of education in our Sixth Form fully equips our students for the brightest possible futures. Our excellent academic standards are achieved through a combination of strong subject teaching and empowering relationships. We pride ourselves on our exceptional pastoral care. We believe that your Sixth Form experience is vital to your overall success and we want to do everything we can to make the transition as smooth as possible. In addition to academic success, we will help you develop as confident, creative individuals and leaders, able to contribute to the community and the wider world.

To enquire about joining our Sixth Form in 2021/22, please fill out the form below.

Key Information

At Barclay Sixth Form, our three key values are scholarship, responsibility, and respect. We have high expectations of each member of our community, and support them to achieve these. Our students work hard to succeed, face the commitments and challenges of young adulthood, and treat all members of our Academy community with respect.

Our Head Boy is Najeeb Mohiuddin and our Head Girl is Amber Keye.

Our Deputy Head Boy is James Bowery and our Deputy Head Girl is Emily Prentice.

Code of Conduct

Our Sixth Form code of conduct is founded around six key values:

  1. We work hard
  2. We work together
  3. We are open and honest
  4. We respect each other
  5. We contribute to the community
  6. We are leaders
  1. We work hard because we are here to study and learn. Each and every student has a reason to work hard and push themselves to achieve greater things. Simply ‘passing’ or getting by isn’t the aim, we expect a positive, determined, and aspirational attitude to studies that informs and underlies the way students behave and think around the school.  Therefore, we highly value attendance and punctuality as vital to success. We ask students to schedule appointments after school or in the holidays, and to always contact the Sixth Form office to authorise an absence with at least 24 hours’ notice. 
  2. We work together, and we collaborate with fellow staff and students. Long-term success is built on ability to collaborate, and with this in mind we encourage students to seek support from staff regarding difficulties and challenges they face, and advice regarding specific targets to help them achieve. Moreover, the most successful students at Barclay have always been those who recognise the value of working with classmates outside the classroom, and we recommend that our students collaborate effectively, organising study groups and developing support networks.
  3. We respect each other, because respect nurtures confidence and success, and all members of the academy deserve respect. It is easy to feel at home around school, especially when relaxing with friends. Therefore, it is important to remember that we are inhabit a shared space, and we must be considerate about others beliefs, values and feelings.
  4. We contribute to our community, because it belongs to us and it is what we make it. We encourage students to volunteer to help staff, to take on commitments and responsibilities, and to participate in clubs or events, as well as to be aware of the impact their actions have on the school and global environment. Getting involved and contributing to the community creates lasting memories, improves wellbeing, and helps to reduce stress.
  5. We are open and honest, so that we can provide and receive support. Each member of staff is dedicated to supporting students through their journey at Barclay.  If students feel they require support – whether personal or academic – they can be sure that they can approach a member of the Sixth Form team. They, in their turn, will respect students’ rights to confidentiality, and will help them to find specialist support, and to ensure that their academic workload is manageable.  If students feel like they are falling behind or not making progress, this needs to be communicated with teachers or the Sixth Form team. They can provide specific, achievable targets to help students get back on track. Ask for help, don’t wait for intervention.
  6. Be Leaders: because you’re capable of it. We are proud of all our students, and have high expectations for their future success. We encourage them to be innovative, and to set up clubs, societies, or events. Our students are kind and respectful, and they quite often find opportunities to help younger students feel welcome and supported.  The general guidance to our students might be summarised as: “Be the adult you hope and imagine yourself to be in 5 years’ time”.  Students are supported to be courageous, bold, and to take on responsibilities. They need to not allow their peers to determine their destiny, but need to find their own pathway.

Pastoral Care

At Barclay Academy Sixth Form, our students’ wellbeing and welfare is our number one priority. We understand that ensuring students are well, both physically and mentally, is key to academic successes and happiness. In order to help our young people progress and flourish through their Sixth Form studies whilst maintaining a healthy study-life balance, we offer support in a number of ways. All students are offered the following:

  • Guidance pre-enrolment in choosing Sixth Form study courses appropriate to students’ skills, needs and ambitions.
  • Academic and pastoral guidance from individual tutors, and a Tutorial Programme that aids students both with academic skills (such as time management) and with life skills (such as Internet safety, drugs, or alcohol)
  • Academic tutorials to support students in reflecting upon their progress.
  • Study rooms, equipped with computers, for individual study.
  • Student voice surveys twice a year, and a student council, such that student opinions can be expressed and heard
  • Support networks and contacts with CaMHS, Place2Be, and other organisations, to help students who are struggling with specific personal concerns.

Dress Code

At Barclay, we aim to prepare our young people for success in their future professions. A key to this success is undoubtedly through the way students present themselves, and it is for this reason that we enforce a professional dress-code and appearance policy. Our dress code fits in with the ethos of the Academy, and ensures students are well-dressed, smart, and present a positive image both in and out of school. All pupils are to dress in workplace dress: for boys, this is a dark grey, navy or black suit, shirt and tie, and for girls, a dark grey, navy or black trouser/ skirt-suit and blouse. Appearance is to be professional, with hair and make-up plain and unobtrusive, and no facial piercings at any time.

As the eldest students in the school, our Sixth Formers set the standards of conduct and appearance expected by all members of the student community. They should therefore be aware of their appearance, the impression it creates, and the example it gives to younger pupils. For these reasons, failure to comply with the dress code will lead to parents being contacted, and the student being sent home to change.

Attendance and Punctuality

Students’ achievement and success depends upon their attendance to 100% of their scheduled lessons and sessions at Sixth Form. We expect them to therefore take full responsibility for their own attendance and punctuality.

Reporting Absence

For prior absences, the School Office should be notified via email ( or telephone (01438 232221). We request that holidays and non-urgent medical appointments are to be made outside of the school day or term.  In the case of genuine sickness, when an absence genuinely cannot be foreseen, students must inform the School Office as soon as possible on the day in question. In the case of illness, a letter from a parent/doctor should be provided when the student returns to school.


Students are expected to be punctual 100% of the time; if they happen to arrive late to a lesson at the beginning of a double or single period, the procedure is then to inform their teacher and collect their work, before then reporting to the Sixth Form Office. Late students will not be allowed into lessons, and will be recorded as absent. If students have missed the first lesson of a double lesson they are expected to return for the second period.  Students are expected to be up to date with the work they have missed due to lateness, and must see staff to apologise and collect work missed by the end of that day.