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Head of Department: Mrs S. Gupta

Sociology is the fundamental study of human social life and relationships. It examines how people live together, operate, and interact within a society. The study of sociology helps to deepen a student’s awareness of the world, giving them an invaluable understanding of the social structures and social processes which operate within society, and which govern human behaviour and interaction.


At Barclay Academy, students opting to study for a GCSE in sociology follow the AQA specification. This exciting course comprises of the study of social institutions, such as the family and education, as well as exploring critical issues faced by society, such as crime and inequality. Students learn key sociological concepts and theories, and have the opportunity to explore a variety of research methods, as well as how such research can be utilised to formulate sociological concepts and ideas.


Students in the Sixth Form at Barclay Academy follow the AQA specification in sociology. This course involves the analysis of various sociological theories. It also includes the study of such fundamental social structures as the education system, and analysis of relationships within this system, or how different factors might affect educational attainment. Students will also explore contemporary British society, such as health, welfare, crime, inequality and the role of the media in amplifying these issues. Research is a key aspect of sociology and, correspondingly, students explore various key studies and research methods to evaluate critically the validity of sociological theories.