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Libertas per cultum

Student Testimonials

We believe that Barclay Academy is a school where all individuals can flourish and be happy. However, what we think is only a part of the picture. Here, some of our students describe their own experiences of life as a Barclay student.

Ellie, Year 7

My Year 7 journey at Barclay has been incredible, and I cannot believe how quickly it has gone! This time last year I was worried about going to secondary school, but I can now see clearly why people advised me not to worry. My time at Barclay has provided me with so many opportunities. For example, I love sport, and Barclay has offered me the chance to take part in numerous sporting competitions and practices which range from Cricket to Football to Netball. I have enjoyed my first year at Barclay, and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

John Paul, Year 10

I like being a part of Barclay because its sense of community helps me to make progress. The environment is calm and nurturing, and I feel appreciated which creates a space for me to learn every day.  Every lesson is a safe space for everyone to be themselves without being judged. At Barclay Academy, no matter what your passion is, there are always opportunities to perform or do what you love. I personally am passionate about Performing Arts and, with Barclay’s support, I have been able to express this passion, having the opportunity to perform and take part in many shows.

Emily and Adeel, Year 12

Barclay is a place of warmth and community: the students themselves are sources of happiness and laughter, and the school is characterised by close teacher-student relationships as a result of both academic and emotional support. Our English teacher is quick to remind us of our positive qualities and skills when we cannot ourselves see them, and our Psychology teacher is always quick to respond to emailed queries. The school helps us to discover our strengths, aspirations and options, and provides guidance for future careers.