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Transition Programme

At The Barclay Academy, we are focused on ensuring a smooth and successful transition for all students joining us. To this effect, we have a specifically-designed transition programme for the Year 6 children planning to join us in September, which we believe meets the needs of all. This is achieved by the implementation of the following:

  • The Head of Year or Head of Key Stage, alongside the SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator) visit all primary schools to meet all prospective pupils and their staff. This allows them to get to know pupils’ needs and requirements before they start with us and therefore, if necessary, to put the necessary support in place before the student arrives at our school in September.
  • The Student Interview Day: On this day, the student and their family meet with a member of our Senior Leadership Team to discuss their transition and life at Barclay. The student and family are welcome to ask any questions and raise any concerns or issues at this meeting.
  • •CATs Testing: Students are invited to complete these tests in the summer term. This is nothing for students to worry about, but is for the Barclay Staff’s benefit, to ensure we get to know each child and their needs on an individual basis.
  • •Taster Day - This event on the 9th of July sees all children come to Barclay for the day and take part in a wide-variety of lessons, experiencing first-hand life at the academy before they formally start.
  • For some children there maybe the need for additional transition support to ensure they are ready for September. This is arranged on individual, needs-based terms, but could involve one or more of the following support mechanisms:
  • The Future Way Programme: This is for students who require extra support in advance of their arrival at secondary school, and might be on a 1-to-1 basis with a fellow student acting as a mentor, or a small group of mentor students working with a small group of prospective Year 7s.
  • Additional school or home visits can be arranged for students as and when needed.
  • A bespoke programme might be arranged for students with additional needs.
  • The opportunity to take part in family activities run throughout the summer term. These might include sports, cookery, music and the school summer concert.

The aim of our transition programme is to be all-inclusive for students, and comprehensive for their parents and families, and ultimately to ensure that all are ready for the start of secondary school and a successful start to academy life.

Key Dates for 2019-2020

Tuesday 2nd July 12pm-3pm: Solo and Small Group Admissions Afternoon

Where there are between 1 and 3 students coming to Barclay Academy from a Primary School, they have been invited to spend an afternoon at Barclay Academy to take part in a variety of activities and meet other students in the same situation.

8th July, 9th July, and 10th July: Cognitive Ability Tests (CATS)

We would like all students to complete the Cognitive Ability Tests at Barclay Academy on one of the dates above. Further details of this event will be discussed on Thursday 27th June. It is very important that staff have a thorough understanding of your child’s strengths and areas for development before arriving in September, to ensure that we can fully meet their needs. Students will need to wear their primary school uniform when they attend.

Tuesday 9th July 8.30am-2.50pm: Taster Day

All students will spend a ‘Taster Day’ at Barclay Academy and experience a normal school day to get a taste of what learning is like at the Academy. We hope that this event will help students become familiar with the school day, environment and expectations of the Academy. Students will need to wear their primary school uniform when they attend. 

Thursday 11th July 5.30pm: Celebration of Arts Concert and Family Picnic

All Year 6 students and families are invited to join our Celebration of Arts Concert and family picnic.

Monday 9th September 8.20am-3.05pm: Induction Day

This will be your first day at Barclay Academy. Students should arrive at the student entrance in full school uniform.