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Barclay Academy

Barclay Academy

Pastoral Care

At Barclay Academy, we take pride in an environment that facilitates the highest expectations of behaviour, attendance, participation, and learning. We recognise that each student is an individual, and we endeavour to protect their welfare and provide the support they need to flourish and succeed. We are proud of our knowledge-rich curriculum, but we recognise that academic development is not the sole aim of school, and that without supportive networks and pastoral care systems in place, our students’ learning would be compromised. We therefore have the highest standards of behaviour, attendance, and participation for our students, because having such standards creates an environment in which students are ready and best able to learn.

Creating an environment where every student is valued, enabled to flourish, and given the confidence to know they can achieve is at the heart of Barclay Academy. We believe care and support are fundamental to students achieving their best.  We are experts in understanding the challenges students face as they grow up. We understand their needs, their friendship dynamics, and their ambitions. Our pastoral system is devised to support and empower students to encourage confidence and self-esteem.

Driven by our principles and high standards of behaviour, attendance, and punctuality, we place an emphasis on respecting and valuing every individual. Our pastoral system also promotes student leadership, participation, community awareness and charity work through tutorials and assemblies, whilst being central to the home – school partnership. It is not just staff who care but all our students show great kindness and compassion for one another. This is what makes Barclay Academy very special indeed.”

Vice Principal (Pastoral)

Magda Charlwood